This week at the library!

Rosie C storytellerJust a reminder….This week we have the following activities going on at the library.
Monday–9:15-9:40 Mother Goose Time
10:00-10:45 or so Story Teller Rosie Cutrer “Dirt Tales”
1:00-2:00 Monday MORNING math rescheduled
6:15–8:00 Genealogy Group
Tuesday–10-11 Preschool Story Hour with Ms. Veda
3 to 4 Preschool Story Hour with Ms. Veda
6:30–8:30 Tweens & Teens Mine for Money/Food and games.
Wednesday–10-11 Craft activities
2:00–3:00 Reading Buddies
6:30–8:00 Story Hour on the Road at LVL shelterhouse
Thursday–10-11–K-2 Story Hour
Friday– 2:00-3:00 Reading Buddies

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