Notice of Special Board Meeting

Library District #2 of Linn County

Notice of Special Meeting

A special meeting will be held Tuesday February 25, 2020 at 4:30 pm.

Meeting will be held in the Swan Room of La Cygne Library,

 209 N Broadway, La Cygne, KS

  1. The purpose of the meeting is for consideration and decisions on bids submitted for building project.
  2. Time set for regular March board meeting.

Christine Waddell


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Mark Your Calendar for Cabin Fever Reliever–Feb. 23, 2020

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February is National LIBRARY LOVERS MONTH!

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Family Dinner Book Club (Books and Movies through the Decades)

We are going to offer the Books through the Decades for children Family Dinner Book club during 2020.  We are getting a late start, so our first book/movie represents the 1900’s and it is The Wizard of Oz.  Pick up a copy, read the book and then join us on Monday (President’s Day) Feb. 17th at 4:30 PM, we will have pizza and watch the movie as family and then discuss the book vs. movie. 
Then we will schedule a time to read, meet, eat and watch the other 11 featured movies/books.  We are talking about a Sunday evening for the others and Ms. Retia would help us out with the meals.    We are going to limit it to the first 10 families that sign up. 
You are committing to reading 12 books as a family throughout 2020 and attending a meal and movie feature each month.  You can sign up online at

Do you want to spend more time reading together as a family? Growing Book by Book shares a FREE monthly Family Dinner Book Club that can help you. 

Each month there is a recommended book, themed menu, activity, conversation starters, and family service project for you to use with your family. 

The focus for 2020 is books and movies through the decades … we are a month behind so we are starting in February with Wizard of Oz and will catch up…

January 1900s- Wizard of Oz
February 1910s- Peter Pan 

March 1920s- The Velveteen Rabbit 

April 1930s- Mary Poppins 

May 1940s- Stuart Little 

June 1950s- Beezus and Ramona 

July 1960s- James and the Giant Peach

 August 1970s- Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs September 1980s- Jumanji 

October 1990s- Shrek 

November 2000s- How to Train Your Dragon 

December 2010s- Wonder or We’re All Wonders

To learn more visit: decades/ Happy Reading! From, 

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Busy Library

As you can see if you look at the 3 galleries below we are a busy library. We serve patrons from babies to seniors and on Thursdays, we have programs to reach all those groups. We have a small space that is utilized for all these programs and has to be rearranged to fit the needs for each of these programs.

The toddlers and parents need space to play and yesterday our space was cramped, but hey it worked….We just moved stuff around and made more room. Then an hour after the toddlers left we had to be ready to serve lunch and have program with the seniors, and space to play BINGO. Once they were done, the tables and chairs had to be moved to be ready for Geri Fit on Monday. But hey we weren’t done with Thursday, we had after school 4H that utilized the space to learn about squishy circuits.

WE love being a busy library and on Tuesdays we do preschool story hours at 9:30 and 1:30, as well as the 1st Thursday of the month Miss LaVeda takes story hour to the Preschool at La Cygne Elementary.

On Mondays and Wednesdays we meet another community need for a fitness program for seniors. We use a program called GeriFit and seniors come and join group doing strength building exercises.

That’s why we’re going to “Imagine our Story” and expand, so we don’t have to set up and tear down so many times a week, and utilize space and resources to expand our library facilities. Watch as we start the building process in March and imagine what our story will be this time next year.

Finkle + Williams Architecture posted some concept drawing of the new building, we can’t wait to program in the new spaces in the Fall of 2020.
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