October Newsletter Should be in your Mailbox by Monday!

Oct 2012 newsletterThe newsletter is done, folded, and was delivered to the Post Office Friday morning. It should be in your mailbox by Monday morning, I hope. Of course there were a couple of mistakes that I didn’t catch. The Friends of the Library meeting is OCT. 16th not Nov. as listed on back page of Newsletter, we caught and stuck sticker on that one. BUT, on the calendar, Oct. 8th is a Monday and there are no activities that day, it should read OCT. 9th! I guess it wouldn’t be a newsletter if there were no mistakes. Plan to celebrate with us this month as we remember 5 years in this building and as we look at the Zeta Zeta Library across the street at the museum and realize that it will be 100 years old  in 2013. Prior to that building for 5 years the Zeta Zeta Club loaned books out of the homes and storefronts. They felt back in 1908 that books and reading were important for everyone, just as we do today. Join us in celebrating this month!

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