I’m going to feature two instances where the library partners with other organizations to make a difference in our communities.  First one is our partnership with the Freshman English class, the Historical Society and community members.  This is our 3rd year to work with Mrs. Pam Dunlop’s Freshmen class on a writing project.  This years project is a little different, they’re not looking for history of building and places, they’re looking for STORIES that you can tell about things that happen to you.  They will be visiting the library on Thursday, March 4th in two different groups to allow for social distancing.  Group one will arrive around 9:30 and leave by 11.  Group two will arrive around 1:00 and leave by 2:15.  Adults and seniors who help the students will be invited to stay for our normal Thursday senior lunch and program, OR you can choose to leave and come back.

The theme for this year is “Life Before” and we have a list of 47 topics that students will be listening to your stories and recording the information.  My suggestion is you write your story down, bring it with you and after you share give the story to Mrs. Dunlop or myself so we can use it to fact check the students writing.  Please pick at least 4 or 5 of the topics listed and be prepared to tell stories to the students about those things. 

Examples are Life BEFORE: running water, indoor bathrooms, electricity, telephone, cell phones, television, vhs, dvds, cable, smart phones, computers, internet, seat belts,  baby carriers, GPS, refrigeration, microwave ovens, electric or gas stoves, air conditioning, central heating, color cameras, digital cameras,  cab tractors, hay balers, gravel roads, paved roads, washers and driers, dishwashers, computerized planting, hybrid seeds, automatic cars, convenience stores, fast food, cake mixes, WalMart, Target, Dollar General, malls, internet shopping, UPS, FedEX, store bought clothes vs. homemade clothes, self serve soda fountains, interstates, bottled water, zip lock bags, paper towels,  records, cassettes, video games, arcade games, consolidated schools, and so many more things. 

Help our young people understand what life was like “before”.  We need volunteers to share their stories.  They will be compiled and put in a book which will be available to purchase later in the year. 

Please call 757-2151 and get your name on the list to help with this project.  I need at least 30 people for all day, come even if you can only come for half a day.  Thanks for helping with this very important project.