Princess Day Year 1–Huge Success

Our 1st annual Princess Day was a huge success. Mark your calendar for the Tuesday of Spring Break 2019 for another exciting Princess Day! Christine Waddell had a dream of turning the Swan Room into a room for princesses. It was amazing. I didn’t get any pictures of the room, but I know LaVeda did. It was a lot of long late hours, but Chris & Rick Waddell, Tiffany Spencer and Joe & LaVeda Riggs transformed the room into a magical room for our young princesses. Thank you guys! It was amazing! Thanks to Cambria for making the Mirror Mirror picture booth!

Thanks to Bailey Watson, Amanda Nelson, Elizabeth Velez, Augusta Browning, Jena Williams and Madison Thies. You guys made lots of little girls very happy today. I loved seeing the smiles on the girls faces and hearing them tell you hi and bye and it was just exciting.

Next batch of thanks goes to more of my high school girls who agreed to be “Fairy Godmothers” and help with all the activities: Samantha Watson, Kenzie McAtee, Hagen Browning, Diedra Nelson, Tori Harper, Lucia, Gracye Wilmurth, Paityn Curtis, Darla Ingram and Allison Loomis. We couldn’t have done it without you guys…I’m counting on you next year!!! Thanks for helping me get the crowns and wands and necklaces done. Thanks for playing musical carpet squares with me and the kids, it was fun!

Thanks to Retia Grant for fixing food, to Kathy Goul for taking on grandma duties and helping us, to Terri Pugh for doing the awesome face painting and to Denise from Booth Photo for taking our pictures.

Thanks to the parents and grandparents who came and brought the girls and enjoyed the activities too.

I’m sure I forgot something, but if you all enjoyed the party, be sure and tell the decorators that you enjoyed it and if you see a library board member tell them thank you too, because while we were closed I updated the Circulation system today and so Chris, LaVeda and Tiffany could decorate without interruptions

A good end to a good day! Love it when our plans work out.

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