Kansas Reads to Preschool Huge Success

Good Tuesday morning. I’m thankful for the successful Kansas Reads program yesterday. We had over 100 preschool and kindergarten students that we worked with. I took about 25 high school students to work with them. We had a lot of fun with all the different activities. Thanks to Bonnie Lacey Phelps for creating some of our games, to Christine Waddell for making the neat matching barns and setting things up for me, thanks to Beverly Dugan Burke and Deb Doering for leading the snack as Master Food Volunteers from Marais des Cygnes Extension office (Thanks Kathy Goul for planning that activity, we missed you.) Thanks to LaVeda Riggs for doing the Exercise and balance room with the kids and thanks to Tiffany Spencer who watched the front desk so she could do that. Thanks to the teaches, Ms. Janelle, Kathy Holt, Vicki Atwood, Megan Johnson Vaughn, Sheila Price, Mary Fulk for sharing your classes with us and thanks to the principals Mark & Cindy for allowing us the opportunity. Thanks to Paulette Obermeier-Curry for loaning us the cow costume. It was a fun day! I enjoyed it a lot, and it gives me my “teaching fix” so I can go back to the library sometimes I really miss my little ones and am thankful that a few times a year I get to plan and do fun things with them. I’m also thankful that I am a part of the state planning team for Kansas Reads to Preschool. This has been fun and a learning experience for me, as we take a book and try to come up with 6 by 6 actitivies and ideas for people to use. This site has more ideas of how you can use the book at home or in your classroom or preschool. By the way, thanks to the Friends of the Library and the Library for sponsoring this event and providing books for the children. A book in a child’s hand is the best gift I can think of. Thanks eveyone and check out the website for more things to do with the book. We didn’t get it all done yesterday!!!

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