EXPO/Chili/Auction Thank you

Expo & Chili/Dessert Thanks from Library and Museum.
Thanks to the vendors who showed up to the Expo. Thanks to those who patronized the vendors and bought items from the vendors. The crowd was pretty sparse (hard to run competition with church dinners and programs, Chiefs game, and beautiful November days). Vendors we appreciate you showing up and staying. Hopefully you made a contact or two so people know you are in the area if they need something!
Thanks to Rick & Chris Waddell for setting up the tables and chairs and to Pearson for helping them. Thanks to John & Nancy Heidrick, Rick & Chris Waddell, Jerome, Spencer, Marissa & Mason Mitzner for taking down the tables and chairs, taking out the trash and cleaning up the community building. Thanks to Reita Grant and Nancy Heidrick for manning the kitchen during the chili feed and clean up!
Thanks to all who came and ate chili and desserts and bid on the desserts for the silent auction. We appreciate you. We appreciate the following folks for donating items to help with this event. Lesli Mitzner, Jim & Leslie Hodgson, Wilma Stainbrook, Judy Long Patterson, Maggie Riley, John & Nancy Heidrick, Bobbi Barber, Retia Grant, Sandy Ernst, John Reynolds,and Rose Marie Reynolds. We definitely appreciate all of you.
Thanks to the community for supporting events to benefit the food pantry and historical society! This will be the last year we do an EXPO. We will take a break and decide what we can do to support the food pantry and have better response. We appreciate all of you who took the time over the last 8 years to support the EXPO, but it seems to have lost its appeal. Stay tuned to see what we come up with for next year. THANKS AGAIN!

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