Day One of Summer Programs was a HIT!

There were 15 people at the Mother Goose time, where we did songs, finger plays and poems based on the Johnson Co. Mother Goose program. Then we transitioned into a program featuring the book “Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig” and worked with words and actions and did some finger plays and activity songs dealing with construction. We had a ball. Hopefully, they will all return next week and learn some more.

Then we had 31 children show up for Monday Morning Math time. We had a fast paced hour of games, computers and iPad activities. It was noisy, but we were playing and learning, my goal is to show them that learning can be fun. We did mental math, adding numbers, and playing I have Who Has? with clocks and telling time. Next week we will start with the 2nd graders on the iPads since they didn’t get a turn today.
Then from 2 to 3, I had 14 children join me for buddy reading time. We read for a whole hour. The children paired up and read to each other or to an adult. Then they would change partners. Our goal is to keep their oral reading skills up during the summer and to count books and minutes, while reading to a partner.

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