Build a Better World Starting at your Library

The collaborative summer reading theme for 2017 is “Build a Better World” and I thought that it was going to be hard to deal with, but as the fall and winter progressed more and more things fell into place. Now instead of being the Summer Reading program, it is the Library theme for the entire year’s programming. Everything that we do at the library is an attempt to make the World a Better Place…..from summer meals program, to toddler time, to story hour, new books, new programs, and new patrons, our ultimate goal is to help you and your family with the big and little things in life.

The programs that we plan with Marais des Cygne Extension employees all focus on making something better. In January, we will learn about starting seeds, so you can grow your own garden. In March, we plan to do a session on Freezing and Dehydrating, so you can preserve your foods. April’s topic is composting. In the fall we plan to feature a “Freezer Meals” program to help you get your schedule under control, with school, work, ballgames and events. We’re also working on a lesson on Instant Pot meals which will also help with juggling your busy lifestyle. The summer camp this year will feature five themes “Build”, “Discover Natural Treasures”, “Live—Personality, Culture, Values”, “Sense-Build Understanding and Experience Beauty”, and “Transform—Inventions and Inventors who transformed life”. We plan to do some community service projects with the campers and learn to be helpers. In cooking class we plan to learn about how to prepare a formal meal, with appetizers, soup and salad, bread, main entrée and dessert. This session will be open to children who have completed third grade through 6th grade. 4th through 8th graders just completed may learn more about art and design with Ms. LaVeda this summer as we make a better world through art. AND then there are the regular story hour, toddler time, adventure times that we have each week that work to make better readers, listeners and thinkers with each program. See the back page for information about our newest program, “Family Dinner Book Club” that will be starting in January. (You must sign up and it is limited). The focus of that program is to build better family reading and meal times. In every book we buy, every program plan, every time we open our doors our goal is to provide something for someone to “Build a Better World”.

Now the BIG QUESTION IS??? What do you need from your library? We think we know, we listen, we try to plan things that we think people are interested in and would like to attend, but sometimes we miss things. If there is a program or topic that you would like to have us work on, plan a program for, just ask us and we’ll try to put it on our list and see what happens. Meanwhile in 2017…enjoy the programs that we will be hosting. Read the newsletter, check our Facebook page, check our website and tell others about the programs we are hosting. Again as we’ve said before….we can plan all the programs in the world, but unless we have participants, it is a failure. So help us by making it your New Year’s Resolution to attend programs at the library. The Adult Reading Program will begin in February and run through the first week in August. Once again there will be two participant levels. You can choose the traditional method of “reading” only, or broaden your horizons by getting involved in other library activities and checking off squares on your 2017 Adult Reading BINGO card!

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