2018 Cabin Fever Reliever was a Great Success

The 2018 Cabin Fever Reliever was a huge success.  Over 100 people enjoyed the evening activities and our donations received were around $2100.  We would like to say thank you to a lot of folks who helped make the evening a success.

Thank you to the following people for making and donating baskets for the Friends of the Library raffle: Randy Reese, Charla Holt, Les & Jim Hodgson, Connie Capps, Rick Waddell, Janet Reynolds, Ruth Reynolds, Katie Jackson family, Nancy Steward, Chris Waddell & Tiffany Spencer, Bob & Sharon Curtin, Pat & Jerry Stanley, the Viner Family, Dian Dotts & Carol Shugart, and Maggie Peterson.

The following people brought chili or soup for the cook-off and for folks to eat: Randy Reese, Dustin Wilcox, Breezy Disque, Connie Capps, Rick Waddell, Jane Reynolds, Danny Curtis, Ruth Reynolds, Laura Reynolds, Shane Harper, Nancy Stewart and I know I’m forgetting a couple of people.

Thanks to those who donated desserts to eat, for the auction or the cake walk: Angela Wilcox, Alyson James, Breezy Disque, Chris Waddell, Retia Grant, Beverly Burke, Dian Dotts, Carol Shugart, Ann Beattie, Rosanne Jackson, Lesli Mitzner, Jamie Curtis, Barbara Nunnemacher, Sandy Ernst, Tori Harper, Sharon Abeyta, Amanda & Stephanie Nelson, Katie Jackson, Jeanette Searl, Shane Harper, Pat Stanley, Judy Patterson, Maggie Peterson, Janet Reynolds, and John Reynolds.

These folks were auction winners and we thank you very much for your financial support: Pam McCoy, Janet Reynolds, Linda Meisel, Mary Heide, Bobby Spencer, Laura & Sophia Hansen, Nancy Stewart, Kevin Kettler, George Nunnemacher, Keith Stoker, Spencer Mitzner, Charles Rhynerson, Rick James, Karen Litner, George Teagarden, Ricky, Joyce Clark, Connie Capps, Kathy, Danny Curtis, Rick Waddell, Ashley Rockers, Ruth Reynolds, Katie Jackson, Shane Harper, Lesli Mitzner, and Sharon Abeyta.

Basket winners included: Carol Creager, Diane Van Winkle, Connie Capps, Steve Hisel, Shawn Waddell, Dian Dotts, Retia Grant, Donnie Johnson, Paityn Curtis, Corissa Hermeson, Breezy Disque, Maggie Peterson, Pat Stanley, Barbara Nunnemacher, Linda Stewart, Liza Heide, and Jason James.

For the first time the judges and the peoples votes were the same and Rick Waddell’s chili was named the best of 2018.  Rosanne Jackson’s dessert brought the highest price at the auction.

Thanks again to all who made it possible.

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